Who we are

3fifty is a seasoned team of industry experts with a proven track record in establishing new ventures and driving sales for our respective partners in target regions. Our clients value our depth of understanding and experience in digital media.

Network of customers across countries and regions.

Passion for sales and market capitalization.

Dedicated to value generation through business development and partnerships.

What we do

We partner with best in class technology providers
and deliver value adding solutions for network operators and the media industry

We identify and deliver best in breed digital media solutions!
We know what is innovative but more important what works!
We constantly screen and analyse the markets!
We know
We know our markets!
We know our clients!
We know the sales channels!

What we do

Why we do it

The media industry is undergoing a sweeping digital transformation.
The power is shifting from distributors of content to consumers of content.
Technology and infrastructure are reshaping how, where and when content and information is consumed.
This shift is creating disruption but also opportunities for distributors of digital media.
We help our clients to capitalize on this disruption based on our extensive cross sector industry expertise.

We navigate our clients through the plethora of new technology solutions.

Strategy Value
Strategy Value
We introduce best performing technology vendors to match new challenges and generate sustainable value for our customers.

Success is driven by innovation and efficiency. We help to manage the risk and maximize returns of new solutions.

Who we work with

We work with the global leaders in digital media technology to support our clients to achieve growth.
We provide a suite of specialist solutions for the communications, technology and digital media industries.
Built upon intelligent use of technology our service portfolio is built to address our clients’ challenges
– faced by digital transformation in increasingly competitive markets.

Faster reach
Faster reach
of Economies-of-Scale

Access to new markets
to new markets

Access to new clients
and Industry verticals

How our Partners benefit

Purchasing decisions are more and more driven by centralized procurement rather than the requirements of the actual users. Customer in German speaking countries and CEE still prefer to buy local, while existing digital media solutions in regions are often‘home made’ and lacking scale.  At 3fifty, we support our partners in addressing the market demand and generate new revenues.

Increase sales

Identify the right target accounts.
Support customer segmentation.
Create new sales channels.

Assure Delivery

Identify local partners for SI and operations.
Support RFP response.

Market positioning
Review market messaging
Provide competitor analysis

Who we help

The lines between ‘carrier grade’ and ‘enterprise’ solutions are blurring. New players appear in the digital media market such as IT, professional services, business intelligence etc.  As a result, digital media solutions are becoming increasingly more fragmented.  At 3fifty, we support our clients in identifying the right solutions, which create sustainable revenues.
Network operators

How our Customers benefit


We not only provide the right technology solutions, but also the answers that move our clients forward. And by doing this, we help organizations to transform – themselves and the industry.



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